Great service provided, Great personality, very intelligent and professional technicians. I felt comfortable and trusted with the whole process.

David C


They were very helpful in explaining everything to me about what was wrong with my computer, and how to fix it.

Corrine D

Las Vegas/USA

All Tech persons were very polite and courteous. I made a call the next day regarding a billing issue that was resolved promptly.

Bruce A


Your tech support representative was very professional and nice to talk with.

Jack K


I am happy to have the service. I am not a techie so it is helpful to have a team of folks that can help with the health of my computer as well as help me to learn as we go through things together. Great Customer Service!!! Thank you!

Michelle C


As mentioned in other survey, I really appreciate the hours and efforts put by the techs in solving the problem. Thank you.

Patricia A

New York/USA

Appreciate the techs devoted to solving the communication problem between my computer and the printer. Good job by all!

Patricia B


The technician I dealt with was very efficient, well informed very clear and I compliment him with the information and service I received. Thanks

Julian D


Tech resolved other computer issues I had. Thank you.

Patrick H

Minnesota /USA

Tech was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He worked on my computer and iPad. Solved all the problems..

Frank M


The technicians were very good in getting my computer to work way better. Thanks!

Dolores G


Very satisfactory service.

Raymond O


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